What The Best Day Of Your Life Says About You

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Thought Catalog

I have a list saved on my computer of the best days of my life. Embarrassingly, Zac Efron is responsible for three of those days. My list ranges from the day I took a selfie with the SLU basketball team to the weekend I traveled alone to Morocco. They’re days that I was so overwhelmed with joy that I never wanted to forget them. I thought that if I wrote them down, I could hold on to those feelings a little bit longer and linger in the positive memories. I can go back and read that list and resurrect some of those feelings.

I started the list, “Best Days of My Life” because I was in job interview mode. You know when probable employers are asking you for all of these super specific circumstances such as, “a time when you went above and beyond”? It’s hard to think of an…

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